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Click here to play video of Gunner

FOR SALE Click on the picture to take you to the page where he is listed for sale!


Gunner is a wonderful horse.  We are selling him at a steel of a price. Gunner is a little taller than 17 hand high. Our son used Gunner in 4 H events. He has started on Barrels & Cutting. Trail Ridding is his specialty. His is always around children. Gunner is currently being used in 4-H and has been used in a variety of events. He is a calm & sweet, but loves to get up and go when asked. This horse draws attention!!!! Man is he a tall boy. (over 17 hands high) Excellent disposition and conformation. Learns fast and is willing to try anything!!! This horse will be hard to beat in the show ring!!!!! Gunner is a great all-around, pleasure-based gelding that we have been using as a lesson and show horse. He is show ready and good to go for anyone including an intermediate youth or amateur. He is a a naturally nice mover with a naturally low headset. Gunner is perfect for open and 4-H competition, but is good enough to show in breed shows as well. He is good in most all-around events, hunter under saddle, pattern classes, trail, showmanship and even some halter. His training in Cutting has helped us out a great deal when we have to move horses from one pasture to another, but the best part is that he loves to do it on his own. He knows his job and does it well. However, if you are looking for a trail or parade horse. He will do well in those as well. Gunner just loves to be ridden & loves attention too. A great mover, and is incredibly smooth at any speed. He changes his leads very well and is just a joy to ride. Whether on the trails, or in the arena, Gunner always gives you his all. He loads easily, stands quiet for saddling and farrier, and is quiet on the trail. He watches his feet very well and has been in mud, water, rocks, sagebrush, irrigation ditches, steep mountain terrain, trees, over logs, etc. Gunner has been a part of this family & we are going to miss him dearly. If you have any more questions. We can be reached at (903)675-1155 or (903)477-8078



Some of Gunner's pedigree information on performance.
Blondys Dude
Small Town Dude   x   Blondy Queen
Blondys Dude


Halter and Performance Record: AQHA Champion, Performance Register of Merit; 1962 Grand Champion Stallion at Fort Worth; 45 Halter Points; 12 Performance Points.

Progeny Record:
Foal Crops: 21
Foals Registered: 1,402
AQHA Champions: 30
Supreme Champions: 1
World Champions: 2
Halter Point Earners: 228
Superior Halter Awards: 11
Performance Point Earners: 320
Performance Points Earned: 7,074
Performance Register of Merit: 130
Superior Performance Awards: 31
Race Starters: 11
Race Money Earned: $70
Leading Race Money Earner: Chuck Dude ($70)

excerpted from Blondy's Dude by Frank Holmes

Although he came from two proven Quarter Horse lines - King P-234 and Plaudit - Blondy's Dude founded a family of halter and performance horses that was his and his alone.

... He carried a lot of muscle. He was especially deep in the stifle.

"Dude got his outstanding head and neck from his maternal grandsire, Blondy Plaudit..."

AQHA Champion, '63 O
ROM Performance, '61 O
Performance Point Earner
Halter Point Earner
Hall of Fame, 2001 AQHA

Total Points Earned: 57; Halter Points: 45; Perf Points: 12; Perf Events: 8 RN, 4 CUT;

Stallion Sire Record
World Champion Sire
Reserve World Champion Sire
Supreme Champion Sire
Superior Halter Sire
Superior Performance Sire
AQHA Champion Sire
ROM Performance Sire

Get Record
Total Points Earned: 10,106; Reg Foals: 1,402; Number Shown: 424; Point Earners: 334; Halter Points Earned: 3,032; Halter Point Earners: 228; Halter Superior Awards: 11; Performance Points Earned: 7,074; Performance Point Earners: 320; Performance ROMS: 130; Performance Superior Awards: 31; Supreme Champions: 1; AQHA Champions: 30; Total Superior Awards: 42; Total ROM's: 130; Total World Championships: 5; Total Res World Championships: 2; Average Race Earners: $70;

Offspr NRHA LTE: $400
AQHA Offspr NCHA LTE: $21,722

Outstanding Get
Ada Bay Lady, 17 HLT & 15.5 Perf. Pts., '68 O AQHA Champ.
Ada Lady Dude, 63 Perf. Pts.;, '75 Superior WP
Ada Sassy Dude, 95 HLT Pts., '66 O Superior HLT
Amber Dude, 30 HLT & 330 Perf. Pts., AQHA Champ. 2X; AQHA Supreme Champ.; Superior WP
Anita Dude, 78 HLT & 3 Perf. Pts., '78 Superior HLT
Bandero Dude, 28 HLT & 47 Perf. Pts., '70 AQHA Champ.
Blaondys Texas Dude, 72 Perf. Pts., '84 Superior WP
Commanche Dude, $759.39-NRHA
Daintys Dude, 26 HLT & 33 Perf. Pts., '78 AQHA Champ.
Dawson's Mr Dude, 26 HLT & 18 Perf. Pts., '78 AQHA Champ.
Debonair Dude, 52 HLT & 30 Perf. Pts., '78 Y AQHA Champ.
Dee Jay's Dream, 55 HLT & 13 Perf. Pts., '68 Superior HLT
DoTell, 6 HLT & 144 Perf. Pts., '73 Superior WP
Dubie Dubie Dude, 42 HLT & 49 Perf. Pts., '77 Y & O AQHA Champ.
Dude's Ada Sue, 17 HLT & 77 Perf. Pts., '71 AQHA Champ & Superior RN
Dudes Baby Doll, 466 HLT Pts.; 14.5 Perf Pts., '67 Superior HLT; '68 AQHA Champ.;
Dudes Banjo, 4 HLT & 61.5 Perf. Pts., '84 Superior RN
Dude's Blaze, 33 HLT & 29.5 Perf. Pts., '67 AQHA Champ.
Dude's Dream, 26 HLT & 87 Perf. Pts., '66 AQHA Champ.; '67 Superior RN
Dude's Fancy Miss, 2 HLT & 381 Perf. Pts., Superior WP, WHO, Show., HUS,; AQHA Perf. Champ.
Dude's Gaucho, 23 HLT & 16 Perf. Pts., '75 AQHA Champ.
Dude's Lace, 74 HLT & 17.5 Perf. Pts., '68 AQHA Champ. & Superior HLT
Dude's Latigo, 128.5 Perf. Pts., '85 Superior ROHL
Dude's Miracle, 51 HLT & 11 Perf. Pts., '76 Superior HLT
Dudes Mr Kim, 20 HLT & 70 Perf. Pts., '76 AQHA Champ.; '76 Superior WP
Dudes Pat Star, 16 HLT & 31 Perf. Pts., '79 AQHA Champ.
Dude's Poco Tie, 45 HLT & 476 Perf. Pts., AQHA Champ. 2 X; Superior WP, WHO, Show.; AQHA Perf. Champ.
Dude's Showdown, 78 HLT & 17 Perf. Pts., '71 Superior HLT
Due's Gypsy, 34 HLT & 57 Perf. Pts., '73 Y & '77 O AQHA Champ.
Duplicate Dude, 59 Perf. Pts., '81 Superior TR
Gypsy Dude, 17 HLT & 22 Perf. Pts.;, '73 AQHA Champ.
He'll Go Dude, 56 HLT Pts., '66 Superior HLT
Hes A Dude, 49 HLT & 19 Perf. Pts., '70 AQHA Champ.
Hired Hand Dude, 23 HLT & 29 Perf. Pts., '77 AQHA Champ.
Hy Fashion Blond, 36 HLT & 73 Perf. Pts., '81 AQHA Champ.; '81 Superior HUS
King Dude's Jewel, 112 Perf. Pts., '78 Y Superior WP
Korie Lit, 59 HLT Pts., '71 Superior HLT
Krisie Dude, 81 HLT & 18 Perf. Pts., '80 Superior HLT
Mighty Blonde, 127 Perf. Pts., '79 Superior BR; '80 Superior PB
Mighty Dude Mccue, 2 HLT & 64 Perf. Pts., '74 Superior WP
Miss Jima Dude, 28 HLT & 178 Perf. Pts.
Miss Taggette, 41 HLT & 14.5 Perf. Pts., '68 AQHA Champ.
Okie Star Dude, 210 Perf. Pts., '84 Y World Champ. BR & Stake RC; '84 Y Superior BR
Panzarita's Dude, 9 HLT & 83 Perf. Pts., '79 Superior HUS
Small Town Babe, 20 HLT & 307 Perf. Pts., '69 Superior WP; '70 AQHA Champ.
Tisa Baby, 84 Perf. Pts.;, '66 Superior RN
Tough Dude, 13 HLT & 27.5 Perf. Pts., '68 AQHA Champ.
Trudy Dude, 93 Perf. Pts., '81 Superior TR
Twisty Dude, 21 HLT & 12.5 Perf. Pts., '68 O AQHA Champ.

Leading Sire List
AQHA Halter List: #4 All-time leading broodmare sire of AQHA Champions - 27

AQHA Performance List: #9 All-time leading sire of Open AQHA Champions - 25; #12 All-time leading sire of perf ROM qualifiers - 105

Other Information
#32 ranked All-time leading sire of AQHA points earned by progency in O HLT & Perf. classes as of Jan. 1, 1999.

#18 AQHA All-time leading sires by # of registered progency - 1,402.











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