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Internet Horse Purchase Scam Info
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Internet Horse Purchase Scam Info
     We were recently the target of an internet horse purchase scam.  This attempt was not successful as I receognized the cashier's check as a forged document.  I was able to recognize this as a forged document due to the fact that I am a forgery detective with our local police department, however, this was a very good quality forgery.  This cashier's check even had the watermark on the back of the document.  To the untrained eye this would most likely appear to be a good document. 
     This scam is a fairly good one and if you are not a suspicious person you may fall victim as I have learned two people in our area have.  The contact usually comes in the form of an email from an interested party from another country.  This person will tell you they have a client in your country or relatively close that owes them money so they will have this client draft a cashier's check and mail this to your location.  Upon receipt of this cashier's check they will expect you to contact them to make arrangements for shipment of the animal or product.  The check will show an amount of the purchase price and the price of shipment.  Sometimes these people will ask you to wire them the money minus your price for the animal or product.  Other times these people will have another party who is not aware of the forgery come to your location and receive the money advising you that the shipment company will make contact with you within a few days.  This person is usually around college age and only knows that they were asked to pick up money from you and advise you of shipment company contact.  They will not be prosecuted due to their lack of knowledge of the crime.  Most of the time these people do not pick up the item they attempted to purchase but sometimes they will.  In our case they attempted to purchase a horse for $2000 and made the cashier's check for $6000 wanting us to wire $4000 to an address in London.  If they would have wanted to pick up the animal and we would have fallen victim we would have been out the animal and once the check returned as forged we would have been minus $4000 to boot. 
     This is a world wide ring operating in many different countries including our neighboring country of Canada.  The ring is primarily Nigerian.  The FBI is unable to prosecute thus far as no suspects have been apprehended on American soil and the Nigerian government is uncooperative and will not lend the assistance needed to the United States Government and other countries for the capture and prosecution of these criminals.  Millions of dollars every year from several countries are funneled through these scams to Nigeria and with no justice thus far for the victims.  If you believe you are being approached by one of these criminals, please use extreme caution in your dealings with them.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is.  If you would like further information, or believe you have been contacted by one of these criminals and would like advise, or if you have further information that would assist in the capture and/or prosecution of these criminals then please feel free to contact me at home at (903) 675-1155 after 5 PM or at my office between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM at (903) 677-6654.
James M. Bonnette
Moonstruck Ranch & Kennel
11602 FM 1615
Athens,  TX  75752
Moonstruck Ranch & Kennel
P.O. Box 947
Athens,  TX  75751

Phone: (903)675-1155
Cell: (903)477-8078
Cell: (903)477-5329
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Elizabeth A. Bonnette  DBA Owner - CEO - President
James M. Bonnette  Vice President - Opps. Manager 
Terry L. York  Manager
Laura Miller  Trainer

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